Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sacred Geometry

Did you know that the drummer from Tool, Danny Carey, uses principles of Sacred Geometry in his drumming? According to various internet sources, including the band's official website, he has been integrating geometric figures into his fills and rhythms for years. It's not discussed exactly how he does it, but I would imagine that the points of contact between the sticks and drums loosely correspond to some sort of pattern that he is imagining in his head.

Most sacred geometric shapes are an endless cycle. If one point is followed to another point in a certain pattern, the end will never be found. Carey gained insight into one of these shapes, the Unicursal Hexigram (above), while combining meditation and DMT. He used his new knowledge to set up his drum kit in a specific way that somehow enhances his playing.

Tool is known for giving their fans false information. What do you about this?