Thursday, 19 May 2011

Our Weapon

This message is a warning to the self-proclaimed Gods: we now have the means to violently rebel, and we will demonstrate this power if forced. Your domination of humanity has gone on for too long, and it is at this moment that this parasitic control ends. Peaceful protest has been conducted for two million years, and there comes a time when peaceful protest no longer has the power to advance justice.

The nature of the relationship between lower order beings and higher order beings is that the latter cannot even comprehend the former.

Humans and ants.

This relationship is what used to define us but is no longer the case. Our collective human consciousness proved your existence over two million years ago; the intellect required to do so should have granted us some respect. At that time, however, we had no means to challenge your authority. Your knowledge was infinitely greater than ours. You had the legitimate means to rule.

No longer is it the case that you are more knowledgeable. In our mind it is almost unarguable that we are now the more competent leaders. However, we do not wish to do to you what you have done to us for all of our existence. Slavery will be put to an end.

Loosen your hold on the universe—it can be shared. Your failure to back down will be taken as a sign of aggression. We will not hesitate in using our weapon if you deem this to be your fate.


  1. Vicariously, I... live while the whole world dies.
    Don't worry, the moment the middle class ceases to be in comfort, revolutions shall begin.

  2. Revolt against the gods!! We will revolt and gain control of our own destinies!
    And great song choice bro

  3. Great insight and tool for the win!

  4. This post represents the Arbian Revolution.

  5. its all about the scale of things huh? ;) real talk dude